4 Reasons to Fly with a Baby

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Rachel Arvanitis, the mum behind the SkyBaby brand explains why air travel was essential for her family and why it makes sense to flyaway from a young age.

Deciding to fly with a baby wasn’t a choice for our family, or something we could put off because it was – and is – a scary prospect. My husband’s family live in Greece and we wanted them to see their grandchildren as often as possible. That’s why we took the plunge whilst my first child was just 6 weeks old and also why we went on to create SkyBaby. I’m not sure we would have been so brave had we not had to make those journeys. It would certainly have been tempting to opt for a staycation, but now my children are older I realise that travel isn’t wasted on tiny tots or mum and dad for that matter! Here are my top 4 reasons to fly with a baby.

1. Babies Fly Free

If you want to go abroad on holiday, don’t wait. Babies fly for free when travelling on your lap, so it makes sense to take advantage. Trust us, fidgety toddlers and young children are far more likely to kick up a fuss when strapped into their seat and need the toilet the minute the seat belt sign is switched on!  Babies on the other hand sleep a lot of the time and once they are fed, changed and settled in a SkyBaby mattress you should have a peaceful journey.

2. Time out

Take advantage of any parental leave to take a trip. It may seem like the last thing you want to do after adjusting to parenthood, because caring for a baby is hard work and it can seem pointless to book a holiday at this stage. But believe us when we say there are real benefits from being away from home, turning off the email and forgetting the usual chores. Time away will give you chance to slow down, blow away the cobwebs and to bond with your child away from the usual distractions.

3. Break routines

This one may sound nuts as it goes against everything the health professionals tell you. We’re not saying routines aren’t important because they are – but babies adapt and will quickly fall in line when you’re back home. On holiday it’s good to be flexible and go with the flow so that you don’t miss out. Carry on doing the things you enjoy with baby in tow and get a baby carrier and take long walks or take turns on the ski slope whilst one holds baby – you get the gist. Travelling makes us all more curious, adaptable and tolerant – so why not start them young?

4. Make Memories

We can already hear you saying that baby won’t remember the seaside, the museum or the ski slope – why bother? Well because you will remember your first holiday with your child and it will be precious. Not only that it will set you up for the future and make you feel confident to have adventures with your kids as soon as you step off that plane. I know we thought “wow we did it and it really wasn’t that bad!” Besides, you’ll be able to take photos of them in funny little hats and who doesn’t love embarrassing their child with a silly baby photo?

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