Baby’s First Flight

Viky is a new Mama. Here she shares her experience of her baby’s first flight, how the SkyBaby travel mattress helped and some handy tips for travelling with an infant.

Packed and ready to go!

Tell us how you planned for your baby’s first flight?

We actually made it quite hard for ourselves on our baby’s first flight and flew from an airport that wasn’t local to us because we were travelling with family. I planned everything by choosing flight times roughly in line with our daughter’s normal routine so we could put her to bed as normal, transfer her to the car seat for the airport journey and then only wake her for security and getting on the plane etc. Packing well was key so we had a bag for staying at my mums first and a separate one for the flight, making it easy to just grab it and go.

Why did you choose our SkyBaby travel mattress?

Our daughter has always been super independent and likes her own space which is why we bought the SkyBaby. We knew she wouldn’t like being held for any length of time and as the travel mattress stops the transfer of body heat. She also likes to lay flat for sleeping so it meant we could spread her out and give her some support, but it also gave us more room to breathe. With the Skybaby working with the safety belts too, hers stayed on the whole time as we didn’t want to wake her every time the seat belt sign came on during her naps. The wrap around wings hid it from her though so she didn’t even realise.

Baby’s first flight – sitting pretty

Do you have any other travel hack product tips?

Having a great changing bag like the Tiba and Marl Holdall for my hand luggage which has lots of internal pockets was a godsend, meaning we could segment her spare clothing from her toys and her feeds and so on. I also hooked two jangly toys to the straps of the bag externally to save space and to help keep her entertained. 

We got a great stroller too – the Cybex Easy S Twist which folds as small as the YoYo but lays flat and still allows her to face us which was amazing. Our best travel hack was actually using a long chain made from those interlinking teething loop things that cost about 99p though which we connected her toy to the tray table with so whenever she dropped it we could just pull it back up easily and swap it for a new one whenever she got bored. 

What tips would you give to other parents planning their first flight with a baby?

Honestly, just don’t stress or panic and allow yourself plenty of time. Pack everything you think you’ll need including formula and water as security is actually way easier than you think and the staff are pretty understanding. Planning flight times around feeds for take-off and landing helped for the ears too but don’t wake them up specifically for it if they are sleeping. My main advice would be to not care what other people think. If your baby is kicking off it’s only because they don’t understand what’s happening or they’re too hot or tired or hungry so is more than likely only temporary. 

Our return flight was delayed so it wasn’t as easy as going – but if people want to tut or stare then let them crack on! Just stay calm and try to enjoy another of your little one’s first family experiences.

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Sleeping soundly

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