Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids

To tell the truth, we went glamping, not camping.  We’re not massive camping people, but we do like to get the kids outdoors as much as possible.  Glamping seemed like the perfect camping compromise.  

The site was small and enclosed enough that the kids could roam around

We stayed with Cosy Under Canvas (South Wales, UK) in a dome.  The site was small and enclosed enough that the kids could roam around (and we could still hear them and feel that they were safe) and yet we didn’t feel too close to other families.  There were lots of little hidey places for kids – and a decidedly giant swing for them to play on.

There were lots of little hidey places for kids

It was pretty glam.  The dome had lovely handmade beds (ours was giant!) and covered in furs to keep warm at night.  It had a log burner and a Swing/hammock inside the dome which the kids loved, as well as another hammock outside to lounge on.  

Cosy Under Canvas was pretty glam

We had our own fire and fireside cooking equipment, and we cooked our own fry up each morning and marshmallows every night.  And it had a communal kitchen to wash your dishes and to store your cold stuff, and use of a cooker and other more civilised cooking equipment when needed or when you want to sit inside. 

And did I mention we had a hot tub?!  It was pretty cold, and stepping out of the lovely wood fired tub (they show you how to light it) into the cold was almost reminiscent of being in the blue lagoon in Iceland. There was also a lovely block of showers for when needed, although the kids were perfectly happy to go without!

Our wood fired hot tub

In these lockdown/post lockdown days, there really is something about the simple pleasures in life – just you and nature, and the ritual of cooking marshmallows on an open fire.  

Cooking marshmallows after dinner

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