Festive Tips for Flying with a Baby this Christmas

Here are our top tips for flying with a baby this Christmas.

For most of us Christmas means hooking up with family whether that involves a long road trip or flying overseas.  You’ll no doubt find yourself packing an overnight bag so that grandparents can see your children. One thing’s for sure, this is not the time to wing it and hope for the best. Careful planning is key to ensure you have everything you need without packing the kitchen sink! Here are our top tips for smooth flights this festive season and beyond!

Make a list and check it twice!

  • Be prepared and tick off all the things you need in your travel bag such as wipes, soother, spare clothes and store any bottles or food in a place that’s easy to reach and ready for the customs check.


  • Be sure to pack lots of little distractions for your children whilst travelling such as small surprise toys, sticker books, snacks to maps and brochures for tots and tactile toys for babies.


  • Take soft fleeces/throws as air conditioning can vary hugely and will keep little ones feeling cosy. Used in conjunction with our SkyBaby mattress will be perfect for helping babies to drift off to sleep.


  • Pack emergency pain relief for children in a sachet and a syringe and teething gel – it’s lightweight and won’t get sticky like a bottle.


  • Take an extra full set of clothes, even for a potty-trained child – they are liable to spill a drink or need the loo as soon as you see the ‘fasten your seat belt’ sign is up or the 15 miles to services sign appears on the motorway!


  • Keep a stack of tissues, hand wipes and a couple of spare sandwich bags for storing rubbish and dirty items. Watch out also for expanding air pressure on flights, which can lead to fellow passengers getting an unwanted shower.


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