Mum’s the Word! SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review

We’d love to tell you how great our product is all day long but it’s so much better to hear it from another parent. In this SkyBaby Travel Mattress review, Blogger and busy mum Hannah Swan Scott trialled a bunch of fabulous travel products for baby Arla’s first holiday so you don’t have to. Here’s how our mattress faired on the journey.

Baby Arla’s First Flight & Mum Hannah’s SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review

Hannah says: “I think it’s only natural to worry about taking a baby on their first flight. I just wanted Arla to be as comfortable and as happy as can be like any parent.

The SkyBaby travel mattress massively helped, it gave Arla the comfort she needed. She slept through take off and then played nicely the whole way – I was so relieved! 

The fact that the product comes in a neat pouch and clips neatly onto a buggy makes it travel friendly and it opens out and wraps easily around baby working in conjunction with the safety seat belts wrapped around the parent – there really is no faff whatsoever”.

Hannah trialled everything from a buggy, to a baby bag and even muslin squares. To see how she got on take a look at her full review and follow @hannahswanscott on Instagram for more of adorable little Arla’s adventures.

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2 thoughts on “Mum’s the Word! SkyBaby Travel Mattress Review

  1. Chevelle says:

    We ve experienced long hauls flights several times when travelling with George. The longest flight was 14.5 hours from Singapore to Manchester, when he was 15 weeks old. The majority of long haul airlines provide the option of booking a bassinet, for your baby to sleep in. Short haul and budget airlines not so much, leaving you to carry your baby in your arms for the duration.

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