Flashback! SkyBaby on Film


Time really does fly. It’s hard to believe that four years ago we were preparing to film our SkyBaby demonstration video and it turned out to be a day to remember.


Working with the fantastic Yellow Video Productions in Liverpool we hired an aircraft hangar at Manchester airport. This area is normally off-limits and reserved for corporate parties and high-profile product launches and it also happens to contain a concord! In the end the final edit didn’t actually include the hangar which is the way the cookie can crumble in the creative process – it just didn’t flow. So, in hindsight using the location was a bit of a frivolity but a very cool experience and we did come away with a great shot for the website!


For the onboard filming we hired out a retired DC10 aircraft and these are often used for school trips. We had fun nosing around the plane and living out our dream of being the captain and copilot. To be honest it all looked pretty complicated inside the cockpit and we gained new respect for all those pilots who make it seem effortless.


We were so lucky with our lovely model mum and ‘skybaby’ who kept smiling throughout – although there was a little bit of extra help with waiving of toys and pulling silly faces from the film crew in the background at times.


From our first baby steps as a brand almost five years ago we are still incredibly proud of this video which has had over 70,000 views on You Tube  and Vimeo.


If you haven’t seen our SkyBaby demonstration video take a look here : https://vimeo.com/110724474